Thursday, 7 December 2017


MAPS students Visited Jawahar Lal Nehru ( Indoor Stadium ) On 30th April With Navyug New_Era Students.
Event : Mind Mingle Inspirtation Festival
Aim :- 1. To inspire students to follow their passion, believe in their ideas and make it a reality

2. To inspire teachers to nurture students’ talent and help them find their true calling in life

3. Encouraging parents to think beyond the academic performance of their children

Many Inspirational Speakers Lightened up the mind and soul of audience
1. Shri Feroz Varun Gandhi ( MP)
2. Mr. Awaz- Ambassador Uzbekistan
3. Kishan Srikanth ( Young Inspiring Film Director )
4. Himanshu Bhai Patel ( Young Sarpanch Of smart Village )
5. Sanjay and Shravan (youngest Mobile Application Programmers in India and one of the youngest in the World, the duo have been making apps for both Android and iOS applications.)
6. Parzaan Dastur ( Indian actor and former child actor)

7. Truptraj Pandya ( The Guinness book of World Records for being the youngest Tabla Player.)
8. Aman Rehman ( Twelve year old Aman Rehman, declared as the Youngest Animation Lecturer of the World by Ripley’s Believe it or Not is certainly an unbelievable gift to the Indian Animation Industry )
9. Ishita Katyal ( The youngest Indian to speak at the TED Youth Conference in New York.)
10. Babar Ali ( youngest headmaster in the world )
11. Aryan Mishra ( the young astronomer )
12. Yuvraj and Yashraj (Yashraj Bhardwaj (17), and Yuvraj Bhardwaj (17) are Co-Founders at Zenith Vipers, student of Class XII)

Students from CAM 1 to CAM 9 have taken community projects under CORE SKILL SEVA

CAM 1 & CAM 2—Bird Feeding

CAM 3 to CAM 5– Skype Teaching to the slum students of NAVYUG NEW_ERA ( Pihu CAM 3,Ananya CAM 5 , Rehan CAM 5 had taken Skype Classes For the month of MAY )

CAM 6 to Cam 9 - App development for Slow Learners. ( Selected students of CAM 6 to CAM 9 along with guiding teacher Ms. Rakhi Gibrani, had an interactive skype session with India’s Youngest App Developers Shravan Kumaran, to discuss their plan about developing an APP and to learn few tips from him.

The Genius Shravan kumaran was very helpful and answered all the quires and encouraged students.

DAY 2 is observed as SEVA day in MAPS - CAM

Various activities and projects are created by the student to bring a sense of belongingness among them.
In the month of August students presented their views on various topics, to express the importance and role of parents , teacher and school, in their life.

The presentations were well designed which includes PPT presentation, energizer activities followed by feedback session from the audience friends.
Carving Future leaders.......
Leaders aren’t born they are made. And they are made just like anything else, through hard work. And that’s the price we’ll have to pay to achieve that goal, or any goal.”
– Vince Lombardi
LEADERSHIP PROGRAM ( A SEVA PROJECT ) held on 26th August ’ 17 between 8.30 a.m to 9.30 a.m.

SLP ( Student Leadership Program ) as a part of seva sessions of Cambridge wing, aims at cultivating good values in the students by learning through doing. 
This platform has been created with a view to encourage and inculcate Team and leadership skills amongst students and involve them into a learning environment that encourages hands-on experience, Planning, decision making, communicating and working as a teammate are all skills that they will build as a student leader. The students showcase their presentations had team activity for parents and shared their feelings with parents.

The various topics as chosen by students during an interactive session based on understanding the importance of parents, Teachers and school.
CAM 3 “ How I learn in school”
CAM 4 “ What a child wants from parents and teachers”
CAM 5 “ Times when I need your help” ( A child to parent )”
CAM 6 “ Parents are the foundation of my life “
CAM 7 “ Kind of time I want to spend with you ( parents) “
CAM 8 “ Me and My parents : Friend and Guide”

As a part of international School , students learn to greet and speak in a foreign language as per their respective class theme. This helps students to have a deep connection to the Foreign culture and extends the learning power and abilities.
Students tried to make the visit of the class , a visit to a country and their culture.

Thursday, 16 November 2017

Ishaan Aggarwal of class CAM 4 has done tremendous job in community service by being an ambassador of for Global Cancer Concern India. He has been awarded as third best volunteer on 9th OCT 2017

#GlobalCancerConcernIndia’ is one of the leading #NGOs in the Country working #nationwide for   #cancerCare. Its Mission is to combat Cancer at all stages.

#MAPS- CAM wing students volunteer their services for the Nobel cause and got appreciation note from #GCCI on 9th OCT 2017

Seva DAY 2 , CAM 1 & CAM 2 classes went to meet their Pet plants on 25th OCT 2017. Plant no 13 & 14. They learn skip counting by 1 and 2 by counting leaves and also learn the concept of odd number and even number.

They also meet a new friend MR. Insect .Learn how insects eat plant leaves and how the plant can be protected by these insects.

"COLLABORATE WITH PEOPLE YOU CAN LEARN FROM " MAPS students Visited Jawahar Lal Nehru ( Indoor Stadium ) On 30th April With ...